conscious creations for little wise ones


Star Babies creates earth friendly children's clothing, healthy home products, as well as provides classes and workshops for little wise ones and their families.

Every detail of the clothing and home products from initial concept, design, sourcing materials, crafting and sewing to shipping and selling in the market place is made with integrity, honesty and a mission to be ecologically responsible.

Our designs are inspired by nature, tribal culture, ancient yogic wisdom, faerie magic and celestial angels!

All classes, workshops and day camps are taught with professional expertise in performing arts, visual arts and sacred living techniques.

We are masters of the arts and loving parents that care about all children, community and the earth!

Our Star Babies clothes are here! 7 new designs, all organic, soft cotton, made in Bali by talented tailors. We are in the "product testing" stage right now. Having families wear them, wash them and letting us know how they like wearing them. Then we'll be making a lot more of each design! 

Please go to the Photo Gallery to see more pictures!

"The children of today are wise beyond their years. They are star babies, angels of light, here to teach us about love and joy! May we listen and learn!" 

- Maggie Blue O'Hara, Creator of Star Babies