The Star Babies Creation Station Begins...

Star Babies is designed by Canadian actress/singer/dance/director Maggie Blue O'Hara.

Star Babies clothing and healthy home products are inspired by her daughter, Bella Star and how she believes all children are our teachers, our gurus and here to bring love and light to the earth!

These first round of clothes were designed in Hong Kong by Maggie Blue. Then hand sewn with organic fabrics and earth friendly creation methods in Bali, Indonesia. The whole process will be made in Canada from now on, for a smaller Eco-friendly footprint!

Star Babies will be sold in boutique shops in Hong Kong, Bali, Canada and Europe, as well as online.

In 2011, Star Babies began as a concept while taking care of Bella Star full time. Maggie Blue decided to finally bring her love of children, fashion, eco awareness, art, yoga  and sacred living together.

Star Babies: conscious creations for little wise ones is born!

Creator of Star Babies: Maggie Blue O'Hara

Since 2000, Maggie Blue has been choreographing dance performances inspired by Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms, Kundalini dance, contact improvisation and contemporary dance, concepts of human evolution, yogic wisdom and nature’s cycles. She has performed these dances down the west coast of North America including British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California and Mexico.

In 2004, All Theatre Art Association, in which Maggie Blue and Hoi Chiu, creators and co-artistic director’s was created. Maggie’s dances have been performed in Macau, Hong Kong, Korea, Bali, Singapore and Thailand.

Being born in Canada, Maggie learned from First Nations traditions about the “wheels of life” and sacred healing rituals such as sweat lodges and forgiveness ceremonies. With her mixed heritage, Maggie Blue blends wisdom from Irish/Celtic magic and Russian/Jewish cosmology to create sacred dance theatre performances. She has co-produced tribal culture events such as Re-Convergence of the Tribes (BC), Earth Dance (Vancouver), Intention (BC), Intimate Cabaret (Hong Kong) and numerous other dance parties and events in Canada and Asia.

Maggie facilitates workshops on dance, bodywork and healing, mask and clown, theatre and performance, power of the voice and Holistic yoga arts classes for all ages in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Maggie Blue has also been a trained practitioner of Usui Ryoho Reiki for over twenty years, Hands of Light, Angel Miracles, Thai Massage and a student of Sri Kaleshwara and Shirdi Sai Baba's healing techniques. She is also a student of Shambhala meditation and has done the Ten Day silent Vispassana retreat. Maggie Blue has studied yoga for over twenty years and was certified to lead kids yoga in 2011 through Radiant Child Level One and Two programs. Her interest in energy healing mixed with her many years of working as a professional artist have created the way for Maggie Blue to find her path: blending the spiritual and artistic worlds together in order to make a more peaceful world with freedom of expression, beauty and holistic integration.

Star Babies is the next chapter in Maggie Blue's adventure of sharing, caring and loving life!

We hope you enjoy STAR BABIES!

Thank you.


Maggie Blue O'Hara 2017 Short Bio

Maggie Blue O’Hara is singer/songwriter, actress, clown, dancer/choreographer, writer/director, Reiki practitioner and facilitator of transformational workshops,. For 10 years she was artistic director of a multimedia theatre company in Hong Kong, creating major dance theatre productions that toured Asia, until moving back to Vancouver in 2015.  

Maggie Blue has studied yoga, meditation, light work, ecstatic kundalini dance, arts therapy and sacred ceremony for over 20 years. She became a mama in 2010, a certified Radiant Child kid’s yoga teacher and founder of Star Babies Creations in 2011. Her great loves include her family, creative expression, holistic health, travel, community of warm happy people and living close to nature.

Maggie Blue has performed and taught in British Columbia, LA, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Bali, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. In summer 2014 and 2015, The London and Leicester Anime Cosplay conventions brought Maggie Blue over to the UK as their guest star. In 2013- 2014 Maggie Blue was the voice and movement teachers and on camera acting teacher at IAFT , International Academy of Film and TV. In 2015, Maggie was the voice and movement teacher at VADA, Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts and She was a featured choreographer with The Lover's Cabaret show, Six Word Stories at The Rickshaw in Vancouver BC. 

Maggie Blue continues to professionally perform in Film, TV, Animation and Theatre. She is a private acting coach and continues to teach acting, voice/ movement and professional voice over techniques at Schoolcreative, institute for the arts.

Maggie is dedicated to helping her family, community and international tribe by teaching how to connect to the healing powers of life force energy through creative expression. She will continue to support people to connect to their inner power, beauty and wholeness through performing arts and all things made of love.

Blessed be!